Volume 4,Number2  (December 2013) Contents

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Original Article Transplantation of Motor Neurons Derived from Human iPS Cells into Total Transection Model of Spinal Cord Injury in Mice Tasuku Umehara 21-30 全文
Original Article Human iPS Cell Derived Neurons with Cortical Motor Neuron Phenotype are Relevant for Functional Recovery of Hemiplegic Mice with Injured Motor Cortex Takao Kono 31-40 全文
Original Article IGFII/Akt Signaling Regulates Myocyte Homeostasis in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells Asako Saito 41-48 全文
Original Article  Effects of STG Tendon Harvest and BTB Harvest on Knee Joint Muscles -An Immunohistochemical Evaluation-  Satoshi Kishiro  49-59 全文 
Original Article  Icing at Early Stage Depresses Skeletal Muscle Regeneration  Tatuto Ito  61-67  全文 
Original Article  Antenatal Glucocorticoid Administration Enhances Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Transport ATPase 2a and Phospholamban Expression in The Immature Fetal Rat Heart  Kenzo Sakurai  69-80  全文 
Original Article  The Bifurcation Pattern of The Inferior Mesenteric Artery Using CT Angiography  Hiroyuki Hoshino  81-87  全文 
Original Article Changes in Serum Leptin and Body Composition in Gastric Cancer Postoperative Weight Loss  Kazumi Tenjin  89-98  全文 
Original Article  Early Amino Acid and Lipid Administration for Preterm Infants Weighing Less than 400 Grams Improved Growth but Needed Care for Cholestasis  Isamu Hokuto  99-105  全文 
Case Report The Treatment for Areolar Pigmentary Abnormality Due to Excessive Laser Irradiation  Kyoko Hayashi  107-109  全文 
Concise Papert An Evaluation of Neurovascular Compression in Trigeminal Neuralgia Using Magenetic Resonance Imaging  Osamu Nishikido  111-114  全文 
Concise Papert   The Clinical Utility Value of Serum Eicosapentaenoic Acid for Patients with Arachidonoic Acid Ratio in Ischemic Heart Disease  Koichi Mizuno  115-118  全文